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Find Answers to Common Questions.

  • What is the Florida Child Care Food Program?
    Florida Child Care Food Program: NOTICE TO BENEFICIARIES AND PROSPECTIVE BENEFICIARIES Organization Name: Guardian Angel Preschool Phone Number: 1-352-586-7819 Email: Because this program is supported in whole or in part by financial assistance from the Federal Government, we are required to let you know that: 1.) We may not discriminate against you on the basis of religion, a religious belief, a refusal to hold a religious belief, or a refusal to attend or participate in a religious practice; 2.) We may not require you to attend or participate in any explicitly religious activities (including activities that involve overt religious content such as worship, religious instruction, or proselytization) that are offered by our organization, and any participation by you in such activities must be purely voluntary; 3.) We must separate in time or location any privately funded explicitly religious activities (including activities that involve overt religious content such as worship, religious instruction, or proselytization) from activities supported with direct Federal financial assistance; and 4.) You may report violations of the protections, including any denials of services or benefits by an organization, by contacting or filing a written complaint with the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, Center for Civil Rights Enforcement, Program Complaint Division by mail, fax, or e-mail at: Mail: United States Department of Agriculture Director, Center for Civil Rights Enforcement 1400 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DV 20250-9410 Fax: (202) 690-7442 Email: 5.) If you would like to seek information about whether there are any other federally funded organizations that provide these kinds of services in your area, please contact the Florida Child Care Food Program by visiting or by calling 850-245-4323. This written notice must be provided to you before you enroll in the program or receive services from the program, unless the nature of the services provided, or exigent circumstances make it impracticable to provide such notice before we provide the actual service. In such an instance, this notice must be provided to you at the earliest opportunity. This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
  • Does my child need to be potty trained?
    When it is time for your child to move into the 3 Year Old class, your child must be fully potty trained.
  • Do you offer any Extra Curricular Activities?
    Yes, we partner with Soccer Shots. We will send out announcements to parents and guardians when it is time to sign up.
  • Are there any financial assistance programs for Guardian Angel Preschool?
    For tuition assistance and VPK you may reach out to: The Florida Division of Early Learning. The Early Learning Coalition of the Nature Coast.
  • Is there a particular attire that I should send my child to school or daycare in?
    Yes. Please be mindful that your child will receive plenty of outside play time, and this being Florida, your child will see plenty of sun and sand. Please send your child in closed gym shoes (no sandals) and clothes you won't mind having them return in a tad dirty. For special occasions such as holidays, pictures, and special events, our staff will send out info in advance of what to bring your child to school in.
  • Will my child be fed while in your care?
    Of course! We are contracted with the USDA food program. Guardian Angel Preschool and Childcare serves healthy and nutritious meals that are prepared on site. We offer breakfast, a full hot lunch, and a healthy afternoon snack. Meal times are at scheduled times. The teachers sit with the students and "model" social skills and table manners.
  • Do you allow birthday celebrations for my child?
    Absolutely! Birthday Celebrations are a large part of our curriculum, and they help your child socialize and celebrate with other students. We request that you consult your child's teacher for birthday treat suggestions.
  • How much is tuition?
  • What time is breakfast served?
    This is a friendly reminder of our scheduled mealtimes at Guardian Angel Preschool. We are contracted with the USDA Food Program and are required to serve our meals at certain time throughout the day. Ones and Twos class eat breakfast between 8-8:45 Three Year old's eat breakfast at 8:45-9:10 VPK Class and Schoolers eat breakfast at 9:00-9:20 Immediately after breakfast, we begin our structured part of the day. If a child arrives after these breakfast times, they will need to have already eaten at home.
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