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Diverse Learning Environments


1 Year Olds

Our one year old room is a warm, loving environment where children can safely learn to separate from mom and dad, and form healthy relationships with other adults and children.  Our toddlers learn by hands-on experiences that are planned by our staff using the "Beyond Cribs & Rattles" curriculum.


2 Year Olds

Two year olds are naturally curious and very active!  Harnessing this energy into learning activities is our goal.  We make sure that the children have a lot of opportunity to move and explore.  They get plenty of time on our fenced in playground and also participate in fun gross-motor activities when indoors.  Singing, music, art, story time, and finger plays are all part of the day in the class.  Children at this age begin to from close friendships and interact more with others.


3 Year Olds

The three year olds class is an exciting time where children have mastered many self help skills and are really connecting with the other children.  Our classrooms are arranged in centers and activities are teacher directed but allow children to explore independently.  Three year olds are able to listen more attentively at this age and story time becomes more exciting to them.

 Florida VPK

Preparing children for the future is a cornerstone of what Guardian Angel Preschool prides itself on.  Our VPK program is a fully immersed educational experience as set by the Florida Division of Early Learning​.

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